Pursuing Partnership: New Light on Timeless Texts – Week 19

The Historical Research of Dr. Sandra Glahn
1 Cor 11:5 – Who were the women with shaved heads?

A note from Wendy Wilson, MissioNexus, Mission Advisor for Development of Women:

This passage in 1 Corinthians 11 has perplexed readers and students of the Bible for centuries. Somehow the original hearers knew just what Paul was talking about, but it’s so far from our practice today that we scratch our heads trying to figure out what he’s talking about! Recent discoveries are shedding more light . . .

The link to the blog article is below . . .but here is an excerpt from “1 Cor 11:5 – Who were the women with shaved heads?”:

“The past fifty years at Pompeii have uncovered an enormous amount of social data that helps us understand New Testament backgrounds. Because the city was buried relatively instantly in A.D. 79, everything was preserved like a time capsule in the same era in which some of the New Testament was written.”

Read the whole article:  1 Cor 11:5 – Who were the women with shaved heads?

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