Historically women have been in the forefront of missions but far too little has been done to intentionally steward their giftedness.

(Steve Moore – Pres, Missio Nexus, 2012-2015)

Goals: To serve the Great Commission community by encouraging and equipping women as missionaries and church workers in a variety of roles and seasons of life.

Rationale: While many continuing education opportunities are widely available for both men and women, it is often in a dedicated, relational, women to women setting that more servants of the gospel find accessible avenues into development opportunities that are relevant and confidence-building.


Women Who Can Benefit (Single or Married, with or without children):

  • Women of all ages who are currently serving in fulfilling roles yet desire continuing education for enhanced skills and personal refreshment,
  • Mature women who have grown into new gifts and interests and desire to shift their primary ministry roles but need directed encouragement, training, mentoring (i.e., moving from an administrative to a shepherding role, or vice versa!)
  • Young women preparing for a lifetime of ministry, yet to be determined.
  • Young women at home with children who can be better encouraged and connected during this important but often demanding and lonely time.
  • Mid-life women whose families are raised and they are now in a stage of life with more time and experience to give but lack confidence and/or training to step out.
  • Women retiring and wondering how to best spend these very available years with more limited energy but more abundant life experience!
  • Women in transitions of various kinds, wondering about “what comes next?”


Outcomes: Great Commission Servants Strengthened!

Spiritual Growth and Renewal
Relational Stimulation and Connection
Enhanced Vision and Hope
Resource Connections and Contributions

Personal Encouragement and Refreshment
Peer-Discipleship and Mentoring
Ministry Development and Skills
Physical Rest and Restoration


For the long-term well-being and effectiveness of their women, agencies and churches can encourage women serving as staff, volunteers, and/or lay-leaders to participate in one-week of personal and ministry development annually or bi-annually. Whether functioning as pre-field/ministry, post-field, or continuing education, regular development opportunities provide a wealth of benefits to the women who make up a great portion of the Body of Christ. Budgeting of time, money, and responsibilities can reflect this priority.