There are a number of ways you can get involved:

EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF – Come and enjoy a time of rest, connection, growth and learning with peers and mentors. No matter what stage of life or ministry you are in, choose an area of development that would support your ongoing well-being and effectiveness for both the short term and long haul!

INVOLVE OTHERS – Word of mouth is the best way to build awareness of how the Women’s Development Track can support and equip the women in your sphere of influence. Help us get the word out to more co-workers in the Great Commission community! If you know a particular servant you would like to see participate, consider sending her as a gift and investment in her ministry.

FACILITATE & MENTOR – We need a continuing supply of women who are experienced and passionate about particular areas of development. We want to add more mentors to our facilitating teams in each of the areas of our offerings. Is there a particular module that you could bring experience and enthusiasm to as a facilitator/mentor? We have a process to help get you there. . . .

DESIGN A MODULE – We want to continue to add new and needed areas of development in the one-week format. Do you have a special area of interest and experience to contribute? more

DESIGN A FOCUS RETREAT – We want to continue to add new and needed areas of peer-discussion retreats in the 2 1/2 day format. Would you like to contribute a special niche of interest that would be well-served by this opportunity?

PROVIDE A VENUE – In order to make more development opportunities available to more women in different parts of the country (world?), hosting and/or coordinating these peer-learning experiences are available to those who have facilities to donate or share at a reasonable cost. If you can host minimally 12 women (one cohort) or maximally 48 women (4 cohorts), we would love to discuss a time of year to bless each other with a gathering of the Women’s Development Track!

GUIDE WORSHIP – The development weeks involve times of corporate worship daily as well as an extended time on Sunday. Would you enjoy volunteering your experience to guide worship for us?

For more ideas or information, CONTACT