Pursuing Partnership: New Light on Timeless Texts – Week 18

The Historical Research of Dr. Sandra Glahn
Was Abigail Right to Go Behind Nabal’s Back?

 A note from Wendy Wilson, MissioNexus, Mission Advisor for Development of Women:

As we have previously considered the meaning of the Hebrew word EZER, translated in our English Bibles as “helper” in Genesis 2, what does it look like to live out the name God gave His daughters? In fact, God  named them after Himself, the EZER, Helper of Israel! In the narratives of His people, God shows us what it looks like for the people of God to follow Him (or not.)  Abigail is a wonderful example of strong, active faith, rescuing those around her for God’s purposes. What do we learn about the Ezer from Abigail, especially as she related to her husband, to her earthly king, and to her Heavenly King! How do narratives give us insight into other passages? 

The link to the blog article is below . . .but here is an excerpt from “Was Abigail Right to Go Behind Nabal’s Back?”:

“So how do we know how to interpret this story? The text itself gives us the clues we need to see the point-of-view of the narrator: Abigail was beautiful inside and out, and the hand of the Lord was on her and on David. As is often true of Bible stories, the text interprets itself.”

Read the whole article – Was Abigail Right to Go Behind Nabal’s Back?

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