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Unpacking the Challenges of the “Contested Passages” on Women

October 21, 2021 - March 17, 2022


Note from Wendy Wilson, (Missio Nexus Mission Advisor for Development of Women, Women’s Development Track Exec Dir). Two subjects that have the most traction currently among our members in their quest to steward well the gifts of their women are 1) women in leadership, and 2) theology of women. So we are embarking on this series of guided online discussions to help address those requests. Our purpose here is to create fruitful conversation among those who love God and His Word, and to resource our members as they seek God’s heart in their understanding and practice. Our hope is to stimulate a deeper dive in grace, and even respectful disagreement, on this important area of faith and practice. May the Bride of Christ be radiant!

What does the Bible Actually Say? Interpretive Challenges to Consider in the NT “Contested Passages” on Women 

In a recent blog series for Women’s Development Track and Missio Nexus, Heather Althoff (ThM) summarized the primary interpretive challenges that cause evangelicals to come to differing conclusions on what they add to our understanding of the identity and contribution of women in God’s purposes.  You can find those articles here (Parts 14-21):   https://womensdevelopmenttrack.com/blog/

In a series of six monthly 2-hour sessions, on the third Thursday of each month at 11am Pacific time, Heather will interact with participants over the following passages:

October 21:   Ephesians 5: 21-33
November 18:   1 Peter 3: 1-9
December 16:   1 Tim 2: 8 – 15
January 20:   1 Tim 2: 8 – 15 (cont’d)
February 17:   1 Cor 11: 2-16
March 17:   1 Corinthians 14:26-40

We have a unifying starting point that we can look to together: the God-breathed words of Scripture. As a starting point for constructive conversation, evangelicals can all affirm that the message of the Bible is our source of wisdom, truth, and good news. If we approach it humbly and with an intent to obey, we can feel free to look at it with fresh eyes and fresh questions. The Bible is big enough and strong enough to handle it. The question is, are we?

Over the next several months Heather will introduce you to the interpretive questions surrounding some of the most hotly contested passages concerning women in leadership – not to convince you of a particular view, but to encourage you to humbly explore why others who love the Bible, respect the Bible, and study the Bible might disagree with you.  Hopefully, you will find yourself looking forward to a deeper dive!

Registration: (click button above right corner)
Limited to 12 participants (closed when full) to best support both new relationships and vibrant discussions. Guided by experienced facilitators, we can look forward to a deeper dive on the subject at hand each week.

Because groups are limited in size, we count on group members doing all they can to be present, prepared, and ready to participate each meeting. While we understand that unexpected issues come up, we trust that each participant will honor her group by making this monthly meeting a priority. This way we can all look forward to the most meaningful experience together! 

Cost: $50
Description:  Contested Passages Online, Oct 2021 – Mar 2022

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Contact Wendy – wendy@womensdevelopmenttrack.org
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October 21, 2021
March 17


Wendy Wilson


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