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Ellevation: Leadership Development for Women

January 1 - April 1

Join us through Next Leadership

Are you a woman with influence or responsibility within the faith, public, corporate, entrepreneurial, academic and charity worlds? We invite you and those in your network to join us on this ‘life-transforming’ journey!

Ellevation is designed for women who wish to make an even greater impact through their leadership in a world that desperately needs more female change makers. Available to purchase as a full programme or level by level. Preparatory reading: 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

Information and Registration: www.nextleadership.co.uk/ellevation

Online Dates for 2024 to be announced!

2024 Dates
Ellevator level 1: Leader DNA –  TBA

No leader emerges from a vacuum. We all come from ‘somewhere’ and we all come with ‘stuff’. This ultimately impacts our effectiveness as leaders. Explore what it takes to develop a more empowered leader identity.

Ellevator level 2: Managing Self – TBA

‘Shrinking to fit’, lack of confidence, perfectionism and false humility, combined with weak boundary management and poor personal rhythms of well-being are undoubtedly leadership liabilities. Formulate approaches to overcome these challenges.

Ellevator level 3: Leadership Futures – TBA

The ‘driving forces’ responsible for your possible leadership ‘futures’ are already being determined. ‘See’ the future and take action by designing intentional strategies to deliver your desired leadership impact.

Information and Registration: www.nextleadership.co.uk/ellevation

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January 1
April 1


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