Pursuing Partnership: New Light on Timeless Texts – Week 9

The Historical Research of Dr. Sandra Glahn:  Why Don’t We See More Women in the Biblical Text?

A note from Wendy Wilson, MissioNexus, Mission Advisor for Development of Women:

As the stories of women are now being told more than they have in most of church history, the critical contributions of women who we have perhaps move quickly past are adding to the depth and breadth of our understanding of God’s purposes in our world. And no wonder. God reveals Himself and enacts His purposes through male and female in His Image. The narratives that include women are being considered more closely for what they have to tell us about women in the purposes of God. As usual, the more we look, the more we begin to see! How might the presence and callings of women in the biblical stories give us more understanding of what it looks like to live as the People of God? We see men and women both courageously and unreservedly living out their faith and responding to God in their situations.

The link to the blog article is below . . .but here is an excerpt from “Why Don’t We See More Women in the Biblical Text”:

“Recently, someone asked me why we don’t find more women in the Bible. Last time, I pointed to translation concerns that hide the presence of women. Today, I want us to consider that sometimes we miss the women who are actually named and featured.”

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