Pursuing Partnership: New Light on Timeless Texts – Week 2

The Historical Research of Dr Sandra Glahn: “Women: Time for an Update”

A note from Wendy Wilson, Women’s Development Track, Exec Dir:

Last week we introduced our author, Dr Sandra Glahn, for the research she has done on recent discoveries of first-century biblical culture that shed new light on passages that have puzzled, and even divided us, for too long.  We will post short articles weekly that share what she has found to help us better understand biblical culture and time that frames God’s revelation for all cultures and times! Digging for those timeless truths as we navigate both ancient and current traditions . . .

The link to the whole (short) article is below . . .but here are a few excerpts from “Women: Time for an Update”:

“There’s just so much more information, new information about the contexts into which the earliest believers received sacred texts. . . . historians are helping us recover what actually happened.”

“The texts of Scripture are timeless. But our data for interpreting them has expanded exponentially. Time for an update!”

Read the whole article –  “Women: Time for an Update”